Something you have to know about paper decoration products

PaperJazz is a professional company in manufacturing paper decoration product , like pompom flowers, honeycomb paper balls, stars,paper fans and a variety of holiday and festival supplies.In paper products industry,we usually use 4 main types of paper to make the product. Next, let me show you how to distinguish those papers.

1. Tissue paper: you can distinguish them from grams. Their weight are below 22 g/㎡ and with a soft touch. We are mainly taking them to produce pompom flowers and honeycomb paper balls.
2. Offset paper: its two sides are matte with no layer. Their weight is generally between 60 g/㎡ to 120 g/㎡. If you still haven't learned how to distinguish them, I told you that our book is made up of it.
3. Coated paper: its surface is smooth with a coat of paint.Their weight is generally between 70 g/㎡ to 150 g/㎡. it has the characteristics of taking picture vividly, so we often use it to print product pictures.
4. Paper board: It is a strong and thick paper. Their weight is generally between 210 g/㎡ to 400 g/㎡. we often used it to make Christmas paper stars.

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